Why cross the Indian subcontinent on a 80 kg Rickshaw with no gear? To hurt oneself? No! For a sporting challenge? Not at all! Why then?!

Jean-Louis explains the how and why this idea was born, how he lived the adventure and why he was discriminated against for being a Rickshaw-Wallah. He was rejected by hotels and even hosed away(?!) studying the humiliation endured by Rickshaw-Wallahs who have ‘no other choice’.

Jean-Louis is taking you on his rickshaw to live his adventure in “Vélo Spirit”,THE wacky bicycle web magazine.

Vélo Spirit is the quirky, exotic, traveling, creative, eccentric, precursor, surprising (or even stupefying!), hair-rising, futuristic, historical, revolutionary, dissenting bicycle web magazine, in short, the bike in all its facets!

Jean-Louis’s account? In here: velo-spirit.com

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