4 students of the IUT GMP of Grenoble will work on the project “Rickshaw Impulse Project” in the coming months. They will do it under the supervision of their professors and Adrien.

The goal of Killian, Corentin, Rodolphe and Gauthier will be to design a “low tech” technical solution to alleviate the efforts of Rickshaw-Wallahs when starting their rickshaw. They will need to find a simple, strong and economically accessible solution.

They will study how to adapt on a rickshaw something that already exists: a 2 gear hub. This hub has the advantage to automatically switch from one gear to the other. No control, no cables, no linkage, nothing! And so many problems eliminated!

This cheap technology has existed for 30 years and requires almost no maintenance. However, this part was designed for bicycles, and not for tricycles. Thus, the students will have to find ways to adapt this hub on the rickshaw.

Once the study is done, may the making begin ! Our students will have then to make a demonstrator on a real rickshaw from Bangladesh that we are providing them.

Of course you’ll be kept informed about their progress in the project.

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