The 4 students of the IUT GMP (University Institute of Technology: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering) of Grenoble have just completed their project. As initially planned, Killian, Corentin, Rodolphe and Gauthier made a transmission prototype on a real rickshaw of Bangladesh.

This transmission allows switching automatically between 2 pinions, so 2 gears, thanks to the centrifugal force. The 1st pinion serves to go up the most gentle slopes as those of bridges for example, and especially to start the rickshaw. Under the influence of the resultant centrifugal force of a few wheel revolutions done with this 1st pinion, the transmission is freed from that 1st pinion and moved to the 2nd pinion automatically. Consequently, that 2nd pinion is used once the rickshaw has started and allows to reach the steady speed of the rickshaw faster.

This technical and human adventure which delighted students and professors, ends today but not quite! Because of course, we have yet to improve the development of the prototype. But it’s already a beautiful first step! We are very thankful to the 4 students for helping improving the lot of Rickshaw-Wallahs!

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