Mr Shahidul Islam, the Bangladesh ambassador and Mrs Runa Khan, the president of the prestigious Bangladeshi NGO “Friendship”, will be the guests of honour of this event organized in the domain of Longchamp (75116, Paris), the first place dedicated to ecology and humanism in Paris.

  • Quenching your curiosity by wandering into its magical environment! We won’t say anymore about it…

  • Meeting us of course! We shall be pleased to speak association, Bangladesh and pedalling assistance to help Rickshaws-Wallahs!

  • Discovering Bangladesh, generous of its unexpected capacities and far from the usual stereotypes

  • Listening to the associations’ challenges for the welfare of this stunning country

  • Sharing these challenges around you and who knows, the most engaged of you could commit with us?

Quickly book the date of the 10th of September in your schedule and come with your heart!

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