As a starter for this evening, the Impulse Project association and the Inukshuk Café invite you to see the projection of the movie « Bangladesh Rickshaw ». The latter was filmed by Jean-Louis, the president of Impulse Project, during his adventure across Bangladesh. Then, as a main course, we invite you to take part to our round table and share about the project.

A two part evening :

1st part : Projection of the travel story « Bangladesh Rickshaw », made up from the videos that Jean-Louis has brought back from his trip to Bangladesh. It is a complement to the audible slides that you may have had the chance to see as it was released previously. This 30 minute film will immerse you in the unknown but charming world of the Rickshaw-Wallahs. This is the best introduction in our point of view, to understand the toil of those men banned and despised by their own community. Are you ready for a ride on a rickshaw in the center of the Old Dhaka ? Then come on, thrills are guaranteed !

2nd part : Time to think together about all the solutions to improve the start up system of rickshaws.

This discussion will be introduced by the projection of the “Bangladesh Rickshaw”, supported by pictures and the presence of an actual vehicle. We have planned this event in order to make you share ideas of solutions you might think of, to improve the mechanic of the rickshaw. Your mission from now, to the day of our meeting, is to please write down all your ideas, whether they are simple or outside the box !

To continue this evening, the pictures will remain displayed in the Café-vélo Inukshuk for another month.

Practical information :

Beginning of the evening : 8 o clock

Location : Café-vélo Inuksuk, 45 Place de la Brigade de Savoie, 73000 Chambéry

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