In the program for this 110th meeting around travel : movie projections, meetings, conferences, discussions, exhibitions, book displays and artisans’ markets. A few years ago, it is the taste for traveling that pushed Jean-Louis, the president of the Impulse Project, to go to Dhaka (Bangladesh).

He went there to immerse himself into the universe of the rickshaw companies. He was able to drive his own vehicle and therefore to get a better understanding of the working conditions of the Rickshaw-Wallahs. It is through this experience that he came to identify the main issues affecting the Rickshaw-Wallahs. He described them as being the difficulty to start the vehicle and the social exclusion of the drivers despised by their own community.

Come and meet us on October the 20th and the 21st at the Place d’Europe, at the heart of the Grand Bivouac, in Albertville. We will introduce you to our project, implementing our explanation with the presence of a real rickshaw. No matter if you are more of an ingenious handyman, a fan of low tech or a cycling amateur, we will be there to hear any suggestions to improve the start up system of rickshaws.

Practical information :

Location : Place de l’Europe (in front of the Dôme of the theater – Dôme of the cinema) 73 200 Albertville

When ? From Friday morning to Saturday night (We will not be there on the Sunday)

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