Partnership with the IUT GMP from Grenoble (Isère)

Partnership with the IUT GMP: from the study to the realization of a prototype.

Rickshaw Impulse Project on radio

Jean-Louis Massard has participated at a radio show on RTF Savoie.

10/06/17 : Bangladesh evening at the Inukshuk Café

Direction Bangladesh and it’s Rickshaw-Wallahs with film, photo exhibition and also a real rickshaw from Bangladesh !

The Rickshaws as a folk art medium

Dhaka’s 500 000 rickshaws? A swarm of nomadic works of art.

Website launch

Let’s go!

Back to the events of October

The events follow each other but are not alike! A little feedback on the events where the Rickshaw Impulse Project team was present for this month of October.   BACK ON THE EVENING OF INUKSHUK CAFE   Clinging to the walls of the Inukshuk Café in Chambéry,...

Flashback on the BanglaDay

The Impulse Project took a rickshaw to get to the BanglaDay, an event co-organised by the Yann Arthus-Bertand’s Foundation Good Planet and Runa Khan’s Friendship association.

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