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The events follow each other but are not alike! A little...

Partnership with the IUT GMP from Grenoble (Isère)

Partnership with the IUT GMP: from the study to the realization of a prototype.

Flashback on the BanglaDay

The Impulse Project took a rickshaw to get to the BanglaDay, an event co-organised by the Yann Arthus-Bertand’s Foundation Good Planet and Runa Khan’s Friendship association.

Impulse Projects at Grand Bivouac 2017 (73)

The Impulse Project joins the stands of a famous Traveling Festival, side by side with backpackers, documentary makers or any kind of adventure writers.

End of the students’ project

The 4 students proposed their kick-start solution in the form of a kit.

Bangladay : 5 reasons to come 😀

The GoodPlanet foundation, supported by Yann Arthus-Bertrand (French environmentalist and photographer), invites Impulse Project to express themselves on this day dedicated to Bangladesh.

Rickshaw and electric engine 🙁

In order to start their vehicle, Rickshaw-Wallahs stand up on the pedals, violently pull the handlebar towards themselves and then lean backwards, and push to the right, and finally strenuously bounce back and push to the left. They arch their back, contort, and...

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